How to collect additional information about the students



Collecting additional data about your students is another way to provide a better training experience for them. This information can improve your marketing and retention efforts, thus fostering business growth. 

How can you collect additional information about students to achieve such results?  The answer is pretty simple. Use CRM fields to keep in touch with your students through personalized communication. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship management. This business technology is designed to help you interact with the students effectively and increase sales & profitability. 

By analyzing the students’ data through CRM fields, you can:

  • make your training program more personalized, addressing your students' needs and preferences
  • create targeted marketing campaigns and attract new students
  • track the progress of your students and provide timely feedback to those who may need additional support
  • improve your training program further by foreseeing specific industry trends and patterns

After creating CRM fields, encourage your students to fill them in. This can be done by sending notifications to students.

Check out how to use CRM within your Uteach website to drive sales and increase student loyalty. 


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