How Much Money do Online Teachers Make?

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 25 Aug 2020
6 min read
How Much Money do Online Teachers Make?

Online teaching is gaining more and more popularity because it is open to everyone who has the skill to share. 

Probably there won't be an any better time to start your online teaching career than now, and if you have wondered how much money you can make by coaching online, you are in the right place. A few factors may affect your salary, so let's go over them individually.

1. College Degree or Certificate

To become a college instructor, teachers need at least a master's degree or a PHD in their field. Still, the good news is that for online teachers, neither of these is mandatory. Qualifying certificates or additional training are not a requirement as well, but they can increase your online competency and affect your salary. 

If you are still a student, with no teaching experience or a degree, don't worry, you can still become an online teacher and earn 8$ or more per hour.


College Degree or Certificate


Some statistics show that the average pay per hour for online teachers is $22, and it can reach up to $35 or in a few cases, even $45. So, you shouldn't give up if you don't have the qualifications. 

If you want to take your teaching into another level, many alternative teacher certification programs can earn you a teaching license in as little as nine months.

2. Course Content

Another factor that has a considerable role in determining your salary is the content of the course you are teaching. The top categories of online courses are in the field of computers and technology, business and entrepreneurship, marketing, arts and crafts, education, writing and content writing, personal development, languages, and sciences.


Course Content


These courses aim to help young individuals to find a direction for their future career, which is why they have high demand. The average price for such courses is more than $150 dollars in Udemy and has about 100,000 enrolled students.

Another popular course is language teaching. English is the most popular language among online learners. According to Glassdoor, English tutors can make about 47 thousand dollars a year. 

But what if your course doesn't fall into any of these categories, does it mean you can't make good money? The answer is no.

The problem with popular courses is that along with their demand, the number of people who start teaching them also grows, and they use competitive price strategies to win students. 

However, if you can come up with unique and valuable course content, there will always be people who will appreciate it. After all, there are 7 billion people on this planet with different interests.

3. Experience

Although you may not need a college degree to start your online teaching career, teaching experience is a huge advantage. Many platforms ask for the experience because students trust experienced teachers a lot more. 

But if you don't have any experience yet, don't panic. There are many opportunities to gain teaching experience.




You can apply for summer teaching internships, volunteer in the education field, sign up to become a counselor at camps, serve at an organization for kids or teens, coach a kid's sports team, etc. 

Moreover, you can observe your favorite professors or teachers learn about their methods and techniques for interacting with students.

And there is something even greater/ You may found your own teaching portal and share your quality knowledge and skills. This portal becomes your own brand where you establish your community - people who are interested in your field and want to learn. You may start an online teaching career creating a personal teaching portal on Uteach. Choose the pricing plan that best fits your requirements and  


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4. Course Length

Aside from the factors mentioned above, the course length also has a significant impact on the amount of money you can earn. For instance, STANFORD university has an online business program known as LEAD

The interesting thing is that they charge $19,000 because the course duration is one year.


Course Length


However, this doesn't mean that you should artificially extend the length of your course to charge more. Keep in mind, the quality is what earns you students. If the course is long, then you should cover a lot of relevant topics, otherwise, instead of making more, you will lose.

It is also important to take into account that the average attention span of modern people has decreased, and if you want to create a long course, it must be very interactive and engaging.

The Advantages of Teaching Online

Online teaching is a thriving career that is worthy of consideration. According to a survey conducted on Forbes, it is estimated that the e-learning industry will hit $325 billion by 2025. 

In the 21st century, this is a fastly growing field with all its significant advantages and benefits not only for online teachers but also for learners. Now we are going to check out these advantages of online teaching together.


#1 One time effort - lifetime value


Creating an online course is a single time process. Once the course content is available in the market, you just sell it to everyone interested.


#2 No time or distance limitations


Online education doesn't recognize borders. As an online teacher, you may have many students from any corner of the world.


No time or distance limitations


On the other hand, online courses are very flexible. It provides the freedom to both students and teachers to manage their schedules and organize a timetable for the most appropriate date and time.


#3 Easy sharing


E-teaching is a great source to have access and share the required information more easily and immediately. It makes it possible both for teachers and students to join online communities on the scope of their interest without caring about the geographic location.


Easy sharing


#4 Equity and disability


Teachers and students who have disabilities face difficulties while dealing with the traditional teaching process. Online education provides equal opportunities for everybody.


#5 Access to materials


The best part for the teachers is that they don't have to repeat the same course over and over again. Once published, it is saved in the system and become available for the students with 24/7 access.


Access to materials

To Sum Up

Now you are familiar with the most significant advantages of online education, you have a clear image of the popular aspects as well as some more details related to the field. 

And the most important, you know from where to start. Accordingly, it’s the very right time to put a step forward on your way and earn income. 

You may also learn more about the features of a personal teaching portal and its benefits an a 




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