Online Education Jobs Work from Home

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 17 Aug 2020
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Online Education Jobs Work from Home

In the 21st century, everything and everybody tends to go digital. Today the online solutions are various and effective, especially for education providers. 

This isn’t something new, but something that fastly develops because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As people have to keep social distance, they learn to manage their daily life online.

Once they learn to make use of such systems, they are never going to look back as this is more effective and advantageous. So, the percent of work from home education jobs is constantly growing.

For this time, I’m going to highlight some directions of online education jobs, work from home. You may choose a job that best fits your needs and earn income teaching at home.

But before, let’s find out what is the importance of teaching and why it needs to be prioritized.

Why is Teaching Important?

Probably, education is one of the most required directions for those people who want to be successful in teach at home jobs. They continually look for new opportunities to level up their knowledge and become more experienced. And here is where you come and meet demands.


Start an online school


Now let’s discuss what these demands are and what kind of online education jobs you may choose to succeed.

Online Education Jobs Work from Home

Have you ever thought about making changes? You may be a former or retired teacher, or maybe you're looking for a good job outside of a traditional classroom. Check out the below-mentioned work from home jobs. You’ll find at least one that fits you.


#1 School Teacher


For people who love teaching and want to share their education working from home, online teaching provides great opportunities. So, why not focus on teaching from home jobs?

School Teacher

Some teachers focus on home-school students, while others choose learners or training programs. Whatever the case is, they also need good remote work software to keep track of tasks and be on time.

If you are also a teacher who no longer works at school or wants to earn some extra income, then online teaching is a great choice to fit in.


#2 Tutor


There are many people who work as tutors. If you also have experience in this sector, you may rely on online jobs education and no matter you are specialized in ESL, sciences, innovative technologies, law or even online marketing such as SEO and PPC.




Online tutoring may become one of the greatest working from home education jobs.


#3 Educational Writer


Leaving the classroom, teachers, lecturers, and professors usually rely on educational publishing. In this regard, there is a possibility to become a freelance writer who receives some revenue, depending on the intensity of their focus, depth of required research, and also the level of writing or reporting to be completed.


Educational Writer


As there is a great demand for writers, being a writing coach may also be beneficial. If you like to share your knowledge and skills and may do it in an interesting and clear way, then this may be a great fit for you.


#4 Language Teacher


These days, it’s natural that many companies, as well as freelance employees, tend to work in the international market. This increases the demand for the language teacher as in order to communicate with co-workers or clients, people need to find a common language. So, many employees rely on language teachers to get at least some basic or advanced level of any language. 

Accordingly, teachers try to find online education jobs from home to meet the demands in the market and achieve the best possible outcome.


#5 Trainer


Throughout our lives, we continually learn something from others. We take part in various conferences, pieces of training, courses, etc. So, we may say that currently, people trust trainers in various spheres, coaches, speakers, etc.




Once you have all these required skills to guide people and show them the right way or provide solutions to overcome specific tasks, issues, and difficulties, then you are a good fit in the field. 


Teaching Technologies


Once you decide on starting online teaching and becoming a virtual teacher, you come to something else to think over. That is “where to teach online”. 

Now, many teachers face this problem when they cannot find a good platform where all the teaching processes may be implemented in one platform. Let’s discuss the most essential teaching technologies required for teaching online.

This is an essential point in the current digital age cause it will provide the quality of your services and help to offer a smooth and easy user experience.


#1 A Good LMS


LMS (Learning Management System) is a software application platform that delivers educational content. LMS is used for managing every single activity related to online teaching. 

Once you get familiar with the features a good LMS offers you’ll learn to save time, energy, meanwhile, manage everything properly.


A Good LMS


Another advantage of LMS is interactivity. The teacher may come up with quizzes, discussion questions, and some features that work in real-time such as, for instance, live chat. Similar characteristics make the educational process more interactive and catchy. 

It is recommended to make the educational content interactive whenever possible in order to make the learning process attractive for students.


#2 Virtual Live Lessons


In the earliest times, the main part of the teaching material was delivered in written form. Along with time, spoken content becomes more preferable. Currently, an engaging teaching process should include live lessons. 

It facilitates the process and even those who prefer traditional classrooms, don’t face any difficulty as they:

  • see and listen to the teacher in real-time;
  • interact with other students;
  • take part in real-time discussions;
  • become visible in the webcam;
  • feel as in a real classroom.


Virtual Live Lessons


On the other hand, they say you know you're a teacher when you interact with the students in real-time and answer their questions on the spot. However, not every platform provides the possibility to conduct live lessons. 

That’s why many teachers rely on skype or zoom and pass from this to that platform to manage to do everything.


#3 Live Board


During live lessons, teachers explain some topics that sometimes need to be highlighted with real-life examples or in a structure shown on the board. 

In such cases, teachers need an interactive live board to complete the process and make sure students get the whole material without any omission.


#4 Mobile Access


These days, when many teachers want to learn what kind of computer is best for virtual teaching, many people depend on mobile phones. And they want everything to be available on the mobile version. 

The teaching portal you rely on should be mobile-friendly so that it doesn’t prevent students from making use of the quality knowledge you deliver.


Mobile Access


There should be mobile availability to watch online courses, take part in live lessons, and make use of any other feature. It will be even greater if the portal offers mobile applications that make the process even easier.


#5 Curriculum


Have you ever thought about how much time does it take to prepare for a class you've never taught? Teaching a class for the first time isn’t so easy if you are a responsible teacher. 

You’ll need a lot of time to plan everything in detail and be ready not only to introduce the material in-depth but also to answer all the questions students may have.

Online teaching requires special considerations. And here the curriculum is a great solution. You will probably want to get familiar with the available technologies so that you may make use of them and manage your curriculum according to them. 

Let’s understand what else you need to take into consideration:

  • Have a clear image of the material you plan to share

Before thinking about how much do online college instructors make, you should know what you are going to deliver and then think about the amount to charge for teaching. You should also know the average length of the class as well. 


Have a clear image of the material you plan to share


  • Understand your classroom size

The larger your classroom size is the longer the class takes as the more students there are in a classroom, the more questions sound. Each student should be satisfied with the results as it is the guarantee of your success.

Learning the average number of students will be useful for you to prepare your material and plan the time. Also, make sure that the platform you use supports the size of your classroom. In this way, no student will miss joining the class.

  • Prepare all the material

In some cases, teachers need to attach some files to their video courses or just share them with students. These files should also be prepared in advance so that they match the content you talk about in the course or live class. 


Prepare all the material


To Sum Up


Today, everybody may teach online and earn additional income. No matter what your specialty is, you may teach people to do anything, or just share your professional skills. 

In this digital era, when people tend to learn online, it is not so difficult to get an appropriate audience interested in your field. The only thing a virtual teacher may worry about is finding a trustworthy platform that offers functional features to organize the online teaching process in one place.

However, as you’re reading this article, you don’t need to worry about anything. Uteach provides the maximum of functional features in a single platform. Get in touch with the team and you may learn more from a live demo.



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