How to let students buy products without registering


Do you want to allow students to purchase any of your products while they are not registered?

You can definitely do it with Uteach. When this feature is active new website visitors will be able to buy your products. That's how you get the perfect chance to sell your courses easily 😎

Follow the simple steps to achieve such results.

Step 1.  Navigate to the Settings tab, which you can find on the left of your dashboard.

Step 2. Click on the General Settings subtab.


From here, you can also control other settings, such as contact information, reviews, site language, cookies policy & more. 

Step 3. Slide down until you see the section Payment without login/register, as shown in the picture. 


Step 4. Finally, click on the button to set the status as Active.

You will find a confirmation message on the top right corner of the dashboard.

Ta-da! Now everyone can freely make a purchase and enjoy your products.

Turn the toggle off anytime to disable this feature. 


Pay attention that this feature works only with the following methods: FlutterwavePayment, PayPal Payment, Razorpay Payment, Stripe Payment, and Stripe Test Payment.

Important Note: If you allow the students to buy the course without registering, they must still register after making the payment. Otherwise, they can’t access the course.


  • When someone purchases the course, the system leads them to registration or login. In case they log in, the course author can see who bought the course. So now they can access it.
  • If the student leaves the website without registering, the course author is notified about the purchase. However, they cannot see who was the one to buy the course. In this case, the check the buyer receives serves as a means to prove the purchase. So, the author is able to open the course access manually.

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