How to turn on reviews and comments for courses



Comments and reviews are an excellent way to gain insights and feedback on your course. 

Follow these basic steps to enable review and comment sections of the course. 


  1. Visit the Settings tab from your dashboard.
  2. Go to the General settings > Course Settings
  3. Scroll down until you see the Rating and Review section.


Click on the toggle on the right. The students can write reviews and rate the course as it is set to Active mode.

To also allow comments, access the section Questions related to the course below.


Set the toggle mode as Active. Now the students will be able to comment on the course and get replies.


How do students leave a review 

Only people who have access to your courses can leave a review. 

There are two ways the students can leave a review.


  1. They can add a review by directly clicking the Leave a rating button below the course. 


leaving a rating under the course.


  • They can access the My courses section from their profiles and click on the Leave a review button below the course. 
How to turn on reviews and comments for courses

Where do I access my course reviews

In order to see the reviews 


  • Access your dashboard
  • Go to the Courses tab  

Click on the reviews icon, as shown in the picture.


Accessing the course reviews.

Here you can see the review details. It is also where you can hide or delete the review. 


Seeing the reviews students left for the course.

How to leave a question to the course 

Note that everyone can ask a question, even those who didn’t purchase the course. To ask a question, people will need to register on the website and leave their questions in the section below the course. 

The question will not appear on the website unless the admin submits it. 


Accessing the question left under the course from the Uteach dashbaord.

Go to the Courses tab from your dashboard to see and submit questions by clicking on the corresponding icon.  Click on the reply icon if you want to leave an answer.

Leaving an answer to the question.


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