How to add contact information box

To be able to add a contact information box to the footer, you should go to the Homepage editing section.


  1. Navigate to the Sitebuilder tab from your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Pages subtab.

Here you can see the list of all your website pages.


Accessing the page editting section.


3.  Click on the “pencil” icon on the right.

You will be directed to the homepage builder section.

Scroll down in the right menu, until you see the Advanced block.

4.   From here, choose the Column 1 option, drag and drop it on your page.


Adding a column in footer.

5.   Go to the Main block, choose the Contact form item, drag and drop it in your column.


Inserting contact forms in the footer.

You can also change the background of contact form box if you want.

Click on the column background to see the open menu on the right.

Navigate to the Decorations section and go to Background. Click on the background to add one.


Adding a background.

 If the contact information box is too small or too large for you, you can customize the size from the corresponding section. 

You can customize the contact information box by choosing any dimensions, colors, and fonts. 

Click on the Save button as you finish.


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