How to edit the homepage

The homepage is the main page of your website. It is usually the first page that visitors to a website see. The homepage provides an overview of the website's content and navigation and allows visitors to access the most important sections of the site quickly.

You can modify your homepage anytime to make it easy to navigate, visually appealing, well-structured, and user-friendly. 

Follow these steps to change your homepage structure or design.

  1. Navigate to the Site builder tab from your dashboard.
  2. Click on the Pages subtab. 

All your pages, including the default and the ones you create, are displayed here. 


Accessing the edit icon for pages.

If you want any other page to appear as a homepage, click on the “home” icon on the right.

Click on the ✏️ icon to edit the homepage.

You will be directed to the page builder, which consists of several parts.


Website editing with Uteach.


You can choose to optimize the page for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.


View components- the square-shaped icon in the menu will help you see the borders of each component so that you can manage the sizes.

Preview - 👁️ icon will allow previewing the page as new changes appear

Fullscreen -  the crosses arrow icon will get you to edit the website in fullscreen mode

Undo, Redo - to control actions

View Code-  here, you can export and view  the code

Import⬇️ to write a custom code

Clear canvas - to build the page from scratch

Style manager - click on any component, and then apply styles from this section.

There are 3 types of blocks where you can edit the homepage.

  • Main - here you can add several sections to your page, such as Live lessons, Courses, Sliders, Bundles, and the like.
  • Secondary- You can customize and add buttons, texts, and even a video here.
  • Advanced- this section includes additional links, columns, and custom code. 

To add a new component to your website, drag and drop the icon from these blocks. 

Then, fill in the text information, move and place it on any part of the page. 

You can also edit the existing components.


Edit website components with Uteach.

Click on the component you want to edit. Now you can move it around, duplicate and delete it. 

Don’t forget to click the Save button at the end so your changes are not lost.

Important Note: If you decide to change the template, all the home page and custom pages (the ones you created from scratch) information will be lost. 


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