How to create pages


When you set up your website, it comes with a different range of pages, including Homepage, Quizzes, Blog, Live lessons, Courses, Products, and Contact.

However, you can create a new page or edit the existing one anytime. 

  1. Go to the Site builder tab from your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to thePages section.

All your current pages will be displayed here. 


Accessing the site builder from dashbaord.


  • The “eye” icon allows you to preview the page
  • The “home” icon sets the page as the Homepage
  • 📝clicking on this icon, you can edit details about the page such as Title, SEO details, and the like.
  • ✏️ icon allows you to edit the page construction

Click on the Create New Page button to add a new page.


Filling in the information of the page.

This is where you can fill in the main information about your pages, such as

Page title - this will be visible to website visitors


Friendly URL - will be generated automatically based on the page title you inserted. You can edit it as you like even after saving changes. However, remember to change the previous link also for the pages wher you used it. So, you will not have any error 404. 


Meta image - whenever someone shares your page link, the meta image will also show below the link. Note that the image cannot exceed the limit of 1200 x 628 px. 

Meta title- whenever someone inserts a query, this title will show on search engine page results.


Meta description - write a short description of up to 150 words to help search engines rank your website. Remember to include some keywords.


Meta keywords - these words and phrases will show that your page is relevant to the searcher’s query.

Next up, we have the Status toggle. Activate this to make your page visible and available. For creating a new page, there are 3 types to choose from.

  • Landing page
  • Informational page
  • Blank page

Choosing the page type.

Creating a Landing page

Choose the landing page option and click on the Next button.

You can optimize the page for desktop and mobile devices. 

The landing page includes 3 main sections where you can customize your website.


  • Main - here, you can add several sections to your page, such as Live lessons, Courses, Sliders, Bundles, and the like. Note that if you make changes in the course after adding the above-mentioned sections, they will not automatically update in the site builder. So you can make the updates manually. Another option is  deleting the section and then adding it again. 
  • Secondary- You can customize and add buttons, text, and video here.
  • Advanced- this section includes additional links, columns, and custom code. 

To add those icons to your website, drag and drop the icon on any part of your page.


Creating pages in builder

Creating an Informational page


An informational page differs from a landing one in its design. You can change and customize your page as you like.

To create such a page, choose the informational page option and click the Next button.


How to create pages

This page consists of the same section as the landing page

  • Main
  • Secondary
  • Advanced

Choose a section you want to add to your page from the right menu and drag and drop it on the page. After the icon is added, fill in the information.

Creating a Blank page

The informational and landing pages are built on a particular template, which you can modify. However, choose the Blank page option if you like to build the page from scratch. 


How to create pages

You can duplicate or delete those pages anytime.

Overall, the page builder section is completely editable so that you can create a page to your liking and taste. 

Access Uteach’s youtube channel to watch tutorials about editing your homepage


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