How to remove Uteach branding from the footer



You know that Uteach gives the opportunity to build a white-labeled website. In order to access this feature, follow these steps.  


  1. Navigate to the Site Builder tab from your dashboard.

            Click on the Branding subtab.  


2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you can see the section Remove Uteach branding.


Activation remove Uteach branding toggle.

3. Set the toggle as Active. Voila! Uteach branding just disappeared from your website.

However, it will still show on the footer. As the footer is editable, you can remove it from there by accessing the Page builder tab. 

Note that this feature is accessible for Pro and Business plans.


I activated the Remove Uteach Branding toggle. However,  when I send an email, the Uteach email still shows. How can I change this? 


A sent email containing the Uteach branding.


Activating the toggle implies changes only in the name and not the email. 

You will need to attach SMTP to change the branding for the email. 



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