What is the Thank You page URL after a purchase

After a successful purchase, users will be directed to the confirmation or Thank you page with a URL like yoursite.uteach.io/payment/order/order-id/thank-you. 

For example, yoursite.uteach.io/payment/courses/32/thank-you


Note that in the case of Facebook Pixel integration, Uteach is the one tracking the Thank you page purchase event for all products, such as Video Courses, Live Sessions, Physical & Digital products, and Bundles. 

The starts with or contains options will help you to track the Thank you page on Google Analytics. This way, you can keep track of all the URLs containing your Thank you page to analyze user behavior and conversion rates. 

Besides the two options mentioned above, you can also use the URL of the page students are usually directed to after buying the course. That is the URL of the first lesson of your course. 

You can customize the post-payment link for your video lessons, live lessons, coaching sessions, and products. To do this: 

  • Go to your dashboard >Learning Content> Courses
  • Select the one you want to customize the post-payment link 
  • Go to the settings step
  • Insert a link to the page your customers will be redirected to after successfully completing the purchase.

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