How to Quickly Access Course Insights

Gain quick and valuable insights into your courses . This guide will help you navigate to the right place on your dashboard to view important metrics and understand your course performance better.

Steps to Access Course Insights:

  1. Start by logging into your account dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Courses Tab
  3. Look for the ❓icon displayed in the activity column next to your course. Clicking on this icon will open up your course insights.

Insight Summary You'll Find:

  • Total Enrollment in the Course:
    Get a snapshot of how many students have enrolled in your course.
  • Average Completion Rate for Video Courses:
    Understand the average completion rate to gauge student engagement with your video content.
  • Students Who Viewed the Most Content:
    Identify which students are the most active and engaged with your course material.
  • Percentage of Viewers Who Completed the Entire Course:
    See the percentage of students who successfully completed the entire course.

Reviews and Comments:

  • Second Tab - Reviews and Comments:
    Switch to the second tab to view reviews and comments left by your students. This feedback can provide valuable insights into areas of improvement and what your students appreciate about your course.

By following these steps, you'll be able to quickly access and understand your course statistics, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your course offerings and student experience.