Can I sell my courses in bulk


With Uteach, you can sell your courses in bulk. 

Bulk selling can be the best choice for many individuals, professionals, companies, and educational institutions. 

Besides, it comes with many benefits. 


  • Opportunities to cross-sell. You can cross-sell related courses and products. For example, if you sell a bundle of marketing courses, you can also sell a bundle of design courses or marketing books. 
  • Increased revenue. If you offer a discount for bulk purchases, you can encourage buyers to get several courses at once
  • Gaining customer-loyalty. People buying your courses in bulk can lead to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals. 
  • Easy business management. With fewer transactions to manage, you can focus on creating and improving your courses rather than spending time on administrative tasks. 

You can create bundle (bulk) courses to simplify marketing efforts by promoting one package instead of multiple courses. 

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