How to Give access manually


If somehow the students are unable to access your products, you can always give them access manually.

Here’s how to achieve it. 


  1. Visit the section Sell a product from your dashboard. Here you can see all your digital and physical products.
  2. Click on the person icon on the right of your chosen product.

Choosing the product you want to provide manual access for.

3. Click on the button Create new purchaser


Creating a new purchaser.

4. Add the email of the student you want to give access to, or choose a group if you have already created one.


Filling in the email address and choosing the group of the student.


5. Finally, click on the Save button. 

Voila! Access is provided.


Where can students find the product after enrolling/purchasing?

The product will appear on their profile in the My learnings section whenever a student enrolls or buys it. The student will be able to access and download it from the Products subsection. 


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