How to certify students or groups manually


If you need to award a certificate to a particular student or group, follow these simple steps.


  1. Go to the Learning Content tab of your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Certificates subtab.
  3. Click on the person icon on the right, as shown in the picture.

Accessing the Certificates tab from your Uteach website.

Here the students that already have a certificate will appear. Click on the Certify a new student button.


Accessing the Certify a new student button on your Uteach webiste.

Next, add the email of the student you want to present a certificate to or Choose the group from the list. 


Adding the certified student email and group.

Click on the Save button, and the certificate is ready.

After you certify the students, the certificate appears in their profile section. 

In order for your students to see it, they should access the My certificates subsection from their profiles. 

How to certify students or groups manually

Upon being certified, they receive a notification. 


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