How to create memberships


Important Note: To create a membership, you should first connect it to your Stripe account. At the moment, memberships only work with Stripe.

The membership model is one of the best ways to sell your courses. Membership may include your Courses, Live Sessions & Products. Go through the following steps to access the membership feature.


  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab of your dashboard
  2. Go to the Membership subtab.
  3. Click on Create New Membership button in the upper right corner.

Main information 

In this section, fill in the general information to proceed. 

  • Add the title
  • Fill in the description box
  • Set the Price for the Membership. If you want to give a discount, also set the Old price.
  • Choose the billing interval that fits you best from the list. The following options are available: Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and Yearly. 
  • Decide the free trial day count and fill in the corresponding box.
  • No credit card required. If you turn this toggle on, the users will have to add a credit card before starting the free trial. 

Click on the Next button below.

Marketing products

This is the next section you will be directed to. Here you can choose the items your membership will contain, including courses & products. Check the little box to include the item. Navigate to the next section by clicking on “Next”. 


This is the final step, after which the Membership will be published.

Here you can choose the status of the membership.

  • Draft - choose this option if the membership is not ready for purchase yet.
  • Published - choose this option so that the students can access it.

After you are done, click on the Publish button below.


When you publish the membership, do not forget to activate the necessary email messages for this feature.


To activate messages


  • log in your dashboard> head to Settings > EMail settings
  • Choose themembership and activate the necessary messages


The messages are for different cases which are being sent to admins when students


  • Buy or cancel your membership.

In their turn, students can receive messages when 


  • they successfully buy or cancel  the membership
  • they get or lose access to a new membership
  • their payment has been successfully processed or rejected




Why can’t I create a membership?

To be able to access this feature, you should first connect your Stripe account.


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